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"make me a knitimal" coloring book

Image of "make me a knitimal" coloring book


"make me a knitimal™" coloring & activity book
written and illustrated by danamarie hosler

this sweet little activity book is perfect for kids of all ages who love the drawing, designing, imagining... and of course, the knitimals™

black ink line drawings with lots of stripes and spaces to color; places to practice drawing and problem solving, with the help of some truly unique friends.
"can you count my stripes? can you draw that many stripes on my horns!?"
"draw your face on the body below so you can hug the knitimal"

the Knitimals are about art appreciation in the form of stuff & fluff. "make me a knitimal" helps young artists flex their creativity and value the art they make, in any form.

the book measures approx. 8.5" tall and has 17 fun filled pages, each covered from head to toe in fabulous illustrations of danamarie hosler's "knitimals™".
pages are white with black lines and text.
cover is slightly thicker cardstock-like paper and the color may vary.

this book will ship first class mail anywhere in the world

***all images & text are copyright danamarie hosler 2007. reproducing any portion of this book without expressed written permission is considered stealing and stealing is not cool***