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knitimal™ decals; set of 4

Image of knitimal™ decals; set of 4


plain is boring.

why have empty, plain, clear glass when you can cover your windows with Knitimal goodness?


luckily, i have just such a thing for you; the knitimal decal 4 pack. these brightly colored decals work on a "cling" principle, so you can stick 'em anywhere and move them again (a couple times... then they get less clingy). They make awesome accents to any car window or nursery window, or use them on stained glass doors so birds and toddlers and distracted adults don't bang into them! the decals are designed to go on the INSIDE of the window, so they'll stay safe in your car.

this is a pack of 4--- one extra large (about 6"), two large (about 4-5") and one small (about 2" tall).

****there are 12 different designs; each pack is a little different; the images shown are just EXAMPLES---please allow me to pick out a pack for you--- i assure you they'll be cute either way! *** and yes, if you are ordering more than one pack, i will make sure to send you an array!******

don't wait! decorate!